Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Bird Up Date

Well, its been about a month since Kim and Lyn got me going on mt first Blog. So, thanks to them and a new lap top I can craft my 2nd Blog.

The plan was to win at the Craps table and Lyn's game: Slots on the way to Ft. Lauder Dale, Florida and to use that money as seeds to grow in the Casino located on the 3rd floor of the Cruise Ship. Between the two of us or seed money was a down about what we would have spent on four green fees with golf cart. Lyn broke even on here gambling on the Cruise ship, I quit trying after three nights of losing what I call the Highway Patrol effect. That's the amount of money that would cause me to get tight in the rectal area. It was a ten day cruise and we had a lot fun. Lots of a old time rock and roll played by Asian guys who could not speak English. We danced worked out in the front of the ship.