Thursday, February 26, 2009

Padre Here We Come

This week has gone by soooooo fast. It is really scary! We are leaving Bit-O-Heaven today to go to the Island. Padre Island that is. We will stay there at least a week. We are camping just over the hill from the beach. The weather is in the 80's but with a lot of wind. We should have sand in every inch of the camper. In Texas they let dogs go on the beach(unlike Florida). Maggie really liked chasing the birds when we went there on Monday. She would get in the water waist deep.
So back to our week. Sunday we went to church here at the RV park. Sort of boring but we have to realize we are almost the youngest people here.
Monday we checked out Padre and paid up for our camping
Tuesday we played golf. Humbling game! Lots of hills and sand traps. They put us with another couple. Felt really sorry for them playing with us.
Yesterday we hung around the camper and then went to Walmart to get supplies.
Need to get ready to go to the Ocean! I must have hit a button to make it underline. Don't know where to go to get it off. Sorry
We will out of computer range for the next week.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Texas Again

We are still in Texas. We went to Progresso, Mexico again yesterday. Drank toooooooo many margaritas. Had to come home and take a long nap. Today it was rainy so we decided to do a museum. Went to The Museum of South Texas. There was a festival going on with people weaving cloth, working with leather, cooking on wood fires and stuff like that. It was really neat.
We will be going to Padre Island on Monday or Tuesday to check out some camping spots.
A couple moved in across the road from us yesterday. So weird they are from Mannford also and Lyn knew the lady from water aerobics. Small world.
We will check in later.
Happy birthday to Jessica. She is now 11. Madisen will have a Birthday next week and will be 14 ! I am not old enough to have a granddaughter that old!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still in Texas

We are still in Texas. We may not be here long if Maggie doesn't quit crapping in other peoples yards. We got written up today. Two more times and we will get kicked out of the park.
We went to Progresso, Mexico on Saturday. We had a good time and are planning on going back again. One of the borders was closed today because of problems in Mexico. We had already been warned not to go to that town. We may not go for a few days.
We will probably go play golf tomorrow. It is supposed to be 90 degrees . The last two days have been only in th 70's and rainy. It is supposed to be nice for the next week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Southern Texas

Well, we are in way Southern Texas. In a town called Donna. It is 20 miles west of Harlington. The RV park we are at is huge. We went to the pool today and did our aerobics. I think we will go to Mexico tomorrow and see if we can get cheap prescriptions.
We stayed at a really neat RV park last night. It was on a bay. There was a really long fishing pier.
Will catch up later.

Monday, February 9, 2009

In Texas

We are in Texas now. We just got home from visiting with my 2nd cousin and 3rd cousin. Lloyd told us he is now 83 years old. We have so much in common. He and his wife are both retired school teachers. They lost their house and almost all of their belongings in the hurricane (Ike) last September. They are renting a house now. Their daughter also lost her house, luckly she will be able to put hers back together and hopefully be back in within 4 months.
We will leave the Houston area probably on Wednesday headed for Southern Texas. Hope it will be warm there.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Who's That Guy Next to Jim?

Yep, that's Big Daddy Don Garlits! Went through his drag racing museum last year. It was so good I did again this year. What a thrill to meet and talk with him. He was the keynote speaker at the Ford Troubleshooting contest in Washington D.C. When I attened with my two 1st. in State winners back in 1996. His speech was way motivating for all the instructors and students from all 50 states! To bad schools don't have shop class like Big Daddy attended back in the day. I think it would keep kids fired up to stay in school. So, I guess they will continue to teach a test on theory so to improve each years test scores. All ,with no hands on training because of the cost and time necessary to prepare kids for college.

Us Again In Florida

We are here in Lakeland, Florida. We went to the dentist and the dermatologist yesterday. I finished the 3 crowns on my teeth. Doing good! I saw a spot on my shoulder that wouldn't go away so I also saw a dermatologist. She did a biopsy on three places. I will get the results in 2-3 weeks. We should be in Texas by then. If something needs to be done we will head home.
We are going to Ocala tomorrow to the Drag Racing Museum. Lyn won't go again but I will and enjoy every minute.
We will head to Texas on Saturday. We are planning on going to New Orleans on the way.