Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bye,Bye, Padre

Today is our last day in Padre. Getting out before the Spring Breakers get here. There are already quite a few this week but nothing like next week will be.
We went to karaoke Friday and Sunday nights. We don't sing but really enjoyed hearing all of the Winter Texans do it. We had to leave by 9:30 so the kids could come in and sing also. We met a couple from Drumright, OK (15 minutes down the road). Small world.
Yesterday we went to Mexico again to shop, eat, and drink Margaritas. They have the best Margaritas in the world. The place we go, Progresso is not one of the bad places. The town closest to us now is not a good place to go so we drove 30 minutes longer to get to Progresso.
We will leave here tomorrow and head North. We are planning on stopping in Austin to see the LBJ museum then to the Dallas area to see the Kennedy stuff. After that we are going north of Dallas to visit one of my friends in Van Alstyne, TX. After that we don't know, maybe home, maybe somewhere else.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun, Sun, and Tequila

We are in South Padre Island. We look out our back RV window and see the ocean. It is a whole maybe 1 block walk to the beach. The weather has been nice temperatures but really windy.
Maggie really likes swimming in the ocean. She chases the waves. It is really cute.
We found a really great place to eat within walking distance. We haven't walked yet because we usually drink toooooo much beer to walk home.
I boggie boarded 2 days. The California waves are to big and these are to small. Anyone under the age of 40 should boggie board in CA and enjoy the bigger waves with what is left of their bodies. Each day I caught 2 good waves. To catch the 2 good waves I had to bob in the water for 45 minutes. I couldn't have caught the waves without swim fins.
We will be here for another week. Texas Spring break starts the 14th so we want to be out of here. Every school including colleges are out that week. They expect 40,000 more people here at that time.
I am scheming on a dove and quail hunt next year in this area. Also looking into selling the Dodge and getting an Chevy Duramax with the Allison automatic tranny. Left knee goes away from time to time clutching the Dodge.