Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow Birds Head Out

Just talked to Craig. He heads out in 10 min. for a 5 day trip. Glad he got to be home for part of Christmas Day. Lyn, Maggie, and I start our 3 month trip the 26th. On the way to Ft. Lauder-dale we will gamble at Tunica for 2 nights. Hope to be winners so we can gamble some more on the cruise ship. We'll talk to Chris this evening in regard to the Madisen's movie that we will see at 3:00pm today! Left a Merry Christmas message on Kim's cell. We kept Will for a couple days over this last weekend. We did a little duck hunting, Will got introduced to the little .410, it warmed the cockles of my heart. Straight Ahead!


  1. Jim and Lyn, can't believe you are "bloggers" now. Cecil just learned how to do email and he will NEVER give up the scribble text pad. You all stay safe and if you make it close to Lewisville, please stop by. Would love to see you.


  2. Hey Jim and Lyn...
    Win some big cash for us too, ok? Enjoy your time in the warmer climates! We are jealous! Happy New Year and love you both!