Saturday, February 21, 2009

Texas Again

We are still in Texas. We went to Progresso, Mexico again yesterday. Drank toooooooo many margaritas. Had to come home and take a long nap. Today it was rainy so we decided to do a museum. Went to The Museum of South Texas. There was a festival going on with people weaving cloth, working with leather, cooking on wood fires and stuff like that. It was really neat.
We will be going to Padre Island on Monday or Tuesday to check out some camping spots.
A couple moved in across the road from us yesterday. So weird they are from Mannford also and Lyn knew the lady from water aerobics. Small world.
We will check in later.
Happy birthday to Jessica. She is now 11. Madisen will have a Birthday next week and will be 14 ! I am not old enough to have a granddaughter that old!


  1. Ahh, looks so nice and warm there! Love the palm trees. Glad you all are having a good time! Your're right that is weird about the Mannford couple. Tell Lyn hi! Love the IA Beaty Boy and Girls

  2. Are you all the the Mannford couple hitting it off? Have you had them over for drinks? It looks nice enough to exercise in the outdoor pool...Nothing but love for you all...Kim and boys!