Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still in Texas

We are still in Texas. We may not be here long if Maggie doesn't quit crapping in other peoples yards. We got written up today. Two more times and we will get kicked out of the park.
We went to Progresso, Mexico on Saturday. We had a good time and are planning on going back again. One of the borders was closed today because of problems in Mexico. We had already been warned not to go to that town. We may not go for a few days.
We will probably go play golf tomorrow. It is supposed to be 90 degrees . The last two days have been only in th 70's and rainy. It is supposed to be nice for the next week.

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  1. Just had a Craig belly LOL (laugh out loud)! Invent a crap collar for Maggie. Although there's probably a better solution. At least she's not flicking dirt and dust all over your shotgun! Did you have good soup in Prgresso? (joke ask Lyn). 6,000 mexicans killed last year in the drug wars. really. B careful daddio. thanks for the update. LUV, IA Beaty's