Friday, February 6, 2009

Who's That Guy Next to Jim?

Yep, that's Big Daddy Don Garlits! Went through his drag racing museum last year. It was so good I did again this year. What a thrill to meet and talk with him. He was the keynote speaker at the Ford Troubleshooting contest in Washington D.C. When I attened with my two 1st. in State winners back in 1996. His speech was way motivating for all the instructors and students from all 50 states! To bad schools don't have shop class like Big Daddy attended back in the day. I think it would keep kids fired up to stay in school. So, I guess they will continue to teach a test on theory so to improve each years test scores. All ,with no hands on training because of the cost and time necessary to prepare kids for college.

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  1. That's cool you have a picture with the "motivator." Way to go on the back to back 1st in state, too!