Thursday, February 26, 2009

Padre Here We Come

This week has gone by soooooo fast. It is really scary! We are leaving Bit-O-Heaven today to go to the Island. Padre Island that is. We will stay there at least a week. We are camping just over the hill from the beach. The weather is in the 80's but with a lot of wind. We should have sand in every inch of the camper. In Texas they let dogs go on the beach(unlike Florida). Maggie really liked chasing the birds when we went there on Monday. She would get in the water waist deep.
So back to our week. Sunday we went to church here at the RV park. Sort of boring but we have to realize we are almost the youngest people here.
Monday we checked out Padre and paid up for our camping
Tuesday we played golf. Humbling game! Lots of hills and sand traps. They put us with another couple. Felt really sorry for them playing with us.
Yesterday we hung around the camper and then went to Walmart to get supplies.
Need to get ready to go to the Ocean! I must have hit a button to make it underline. Don't know where to go to get it off. Sorry
We will out of computer range for the next week.


  1. GOOD TIMES. who knew it was so warm with nice beaches and waves in Texas? Have fun, miss ya!

  2. Who is that foxy lady with you dad? Wow, the sun and vacation really must be working for you!